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Top Wheels Service Ltd is specialised in alloy wheel repairs only

Kerb damages are the most common form of damage on alloy wheels. They appear when wheels have contact with any kerbs or islands. Repairing kerb damage makes a big difference to a vehicle's appearance and increases its market value.

Scratches and Scuffs can occur when a vehicle is incorrectly recovered, clamped, or by incorrect removal and fitting of tyres.value

Corrosion All alloy wheels show signs of corrosion as the lacquer and paint will crack with age. Corrosion on alloys can be accelerated by the weather, road salt, break dust, or using bad quality cleaner. We completely remove all corrosion from alloy wheels and restore them to their original condition.


  • Once the wheels are in our garage tyres are removed from rims
  • Wheels are pressure washed to get rid of brake dust and general dirt
  • We place wheels in our stripping acid tank for about 30 min
  • Once paint is stripped we shot blast the wheels to remove remained bits and pieces
  • After shot blasting we repair any damaged/kerbed areas with special filler
  • Wheels are placed in oven and baked at 200C for about 30 min to remove trapped air in aluminium to prevent from corrosion
  • High build primer is applied and baked for 20 min Colour powder is applied and baked for another 20 min (you can choose colour from Silver nickel, Silver Chrome, Gun metal, black and  White)
  • Finally we apply lacquer to give wheels outstanding shine and bake for another 20 min
  • After baking we need to let wheels cool down
  • New valves are fitted
  • Tyres are fitted back on rims
  • Rims are balanced and ready to go back on the car


Diamond cut wheels getting more and more popular. How to differentiate them? Surface look like CD underneath with small groves once you look very closely, usually painted black/ silver/ or anthracite gray making very nice 2 tone combination.

To achieve best results we need best equipment. With our genuine LENCO CNC we can match manufacture standards providing best quality finish.


Roads quality around UK is dropping rapidly, pothole damage is the most common cause of buckled wheels and we can repair majority of them. Is not always easy to spot, very often sign is air pressure loss or wheel wobbling affecting your steering.